Work experience

    Galaxy Education Inc. | Dunedin, FL
    Network Administrator | 2018-now

    • Installing, configuring and supporting network equipment including routers, proxy servers, switches, DNS and DHCP
    • Maintenance and administration for Active Directory, and LINUX system
    • Monitoring computer systems to improve network performance for all systems
    • Troubleshooting, resolving, and communicating networking issues to other employees and management
    • Creating firewalls and updating virus protection software and data security systems to keep data and communications protected

    Galaxy Education Inc. | Dunedin, FL
    Business Manager | 2015-2018

    • Organizes, supervises, and directs the school fiscal, budgetary and management analysis functions. Applies principles of finance and accountancy to analyze past expenditures and present financial operations.
    • Administer paychecks, deduction summaries and earnings statements for a staff of 55 across different departments on a monthly schedule
    • Record hours worked, wage amounts and other data about each employee into a computerized payroll accounting system each week
    • Managing accounts payable using accounting software (Quickbooks) and other programs. Handling accounts payable for separate entities and vendors
    • Establishing and maintaining relationships with new and existing vendors
    • Ensuring bills and payroll are paid in a timely and accurate manner while adhering to departmental procedures. Processing due invoices for payments
    • Processing transactions and performing accounting duties such as account maintenance, recording entries and reconciling books of accounts

    Prime Business Solutions | Huntington Beach, CA
    Accountant | 2014-2015

    • Reconciling the company bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers
    • Managing income and expenditure accounts
    • Generating the company financial reports using income and expenditure data
    • Filing, remitting taxes and other financial obligations


    Master of Business Administration | Anaheim, CA
    California University of Management and Sciences | 2012-2014

    Economics | Eskisehir, Turkey
    Anadolu University | 2003-2009


    Workshops | 2021-now

        CI/CD using Terraform and AWS CodePipeline
    • Terraform used to build a pipeline for an Amazon ECS Fargate workload based on the Java Spring PetClinic sample application. The pipeline uses AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, Amazon ECS/Fargate and Amazon ECR.

    This resume

    • Hosted on AWS S3
    • Code versioned on my github
    • Automatic deployment by AWS CodePipeline
    • Javascript visitor counter
    • API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB setup for the visitor counter

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